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16 Oct

Don’t Settle for an Inferior Web Design

Web Design | 54 views by

Web design when there are professional web design company India available that offer superior web design, web application development, SEO, and internet marketing services. Usually the web design Delhi provides top quality graphical web design services that include custom web solutions to meet your specific requirements. A professional web solutions provider we will work with […]

24 Sep

Ecommerce Enabling A Website

Website Design | 96 views by admin

For some of you who already have a fully functional web site, you may be starting with this section because you want to add ecommerce to your site. Welcome. Although the information from this point forward can take your website from merely an online brochure to a fully functioning ecommerce site, we do recommend that […]

19 Sep

6 Tips To Registering A Great Domain Name

Web Design | 415 views by admin

Your domain name is your piece of real estate on the Internet. Before you register a name, you need to consider several key factors. 1. Is your domain name for business or for personal use? If it’s for personal use, almost any name will do. However, if it’s for business purposes, you need to put […]

19 Sep

Only One Chance

Web Design | 75 views by admin

This is a real life story, so bear with me while I give some background information. We have a “free ad” section at our web site where people can place an ad for their business. Ads are submitted weekly and published on the web. Now, to place an ad, someone has to visit our web […]

19 Sep

I Am NOT a Corporation! But I’ll Take the Profits!

Web Design | 71 views by admin

What do you think are the keys to earning BIG BUCKS on the Internet? First, let’s break this down into two categories. Category #1 entails offering an extensive line of products, extensive services, departmentalizing your web design, accounting, billing, shipping, receiving, marketing, sales, inventory, personnel management, staffing, administration… Whoa! What is this? I am not […]

19 Sep

Web Page Design, Search Engine Optimization information

Web Design | 107 views by admin

Search engine optimization refers to the many techniques used to achieve high rankings in search results for keywords and phrases that are relevant to a site’s content and purpose. Search engine placement should be considered during the beginning phases of a web design project.How important is keyword selection in a web page design? Extremely important. […]

19 Sep

The art of UPSELLING and how it INCREASES sales!

Web Design | 120 views by admin

Once you have product to sell and it is selling very well, why stop there? Despite the enourmous profit potential of upselling, millions have no idea just how much money they are turning away with every initial sale. Upselling is so easy and requires little to no extra work on your part than what is […]

19 Sep

Seminars “Bloody” Seminars

Web Design | 71 views by admin

I can totally understand where you’re coming from. While I do actually intend to be a millionaire, I can imagine that some people don’t have such grand plans You’re absolutely right about Peters seminars being great value. The fact is that the reason Peter started those was for the reason you stated – to give […]

19 Sep

The 10 Parts of a Business Website

Web Design | 71 views by admin

Business owners who are ready to bring their brick ‘n mortar businesses to the Internet experience headaches dealing with designers, while the latter too often end up wanting to rip their hair out because of add-ons, or things they learn about their clients after they’ve started the projects. Why? Web sites require planning and lots […]

19 Sep

SPAM: Open the Can Carefully…

Web Design | 213 views by admin

In the past several years, the word “Spam” has changed its common meaning. Until the mid nineties, the word “spam” was a household name referring to a “mystery” canned meat from a company called Hormel. It was epitomized in a Monty Python skit known as “The SPAM Skit.” They managed to say the word “SPAM” […]

19 Sep

Getting a Fictitious Business Name

Web Design | 75 views by admin

When you’re filing for your business license, you’ll be asked to state your business name. You may want to use a fictitious business name. You need a fictitious business name if you are not using your last name in the name of your business. You may also need one if the name of your company […]

19 Sep

Overcoming the Five Obstacles to Affiliate Success

Web Design | 81 views by admin

Nearly every mass marketable product or service available online sports an Affiliate Program or MLM matrix to encourage small business people to sell those products or services to others. For beginners in the online marketplace and even some pro’s, these programs offer the best opportunity for earning substantial incomes to their participants. Yet, despite the […]